My name is Yann-Edern Gillet. I’m a French designer living in Paris, France. My main area of focus today is on systems, digital products and interfaces. DMs are opened!

But let’s forget work for two seconds. In my spare time I still spend a lot of time on screens but more as a Front-End Engineer.

I love learning new things, especially with Vue, Nuxt and GSAP. More recently I’m learning the craft of icon design (yup, the ones you saw earlier are born on my computer). I like the idea of crafting myself every pixel of my creations, both in design and code, like this portfolio.

When my hands are not on my mechanical keyboard, I enjoy taking care of my plants, cook/ try some italian recipes with my girlfriend and building LEGO sets.

To relax, I dive into work of others designers and developers, thanks to Standards Manual, Increment and Offscreen.

I’m also a huge fan of Hip-Hop culture and music. Even if I listen to a lot of US / UK rappers, french rap is deeply anchored in my head + easier to understand as a french person of course. I created playlists for each of my mood, feel free to give it a try!

03:14 介绍主播、嘉宾,简短预热

10:52 深入聊第一个话题

15:18 深入聊第二个话题

18:43 对第三个话题做一些铺垫

30:01 对第三个话题深入聊聊

44:05 对前三个话题说一些想法,进入第四个话题

47:26 深入聊第四个话题

60:12 总结话题 - AI